Gay Marriage Essay Topics

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Gay marriage is an interesting and contentious subject. It is legal in some states even though it raised quite a controversy in many others. Here are some gay marriage topics for essays that can be used in discussions and research:

  • The link between gay marriage and religion. While society may accept gay marriage and other same sex relations, most religions view it as a sin. Christianity, Orthodox Judaism and even Islam shun the idea of same gender preferences.
  • Gay marriage is against procreation. Naturally, people of the same sex cannot produce children on their own. Procreation will naturally equate to repopulation. And if gay marriages will continue to prosper and they cannot procreate, then how will the world repopulate?Gay marriage topics for essays that will contest the religious concept of procreation should include significant arguments. A good point to use would be the following:

    • If marriage was centered on procreation, then people who are not fertile should not be married.
    • People who are fertile but do not want to procreate should not be allowed to marry.
    • Procreation is not the sole reason for marriage – lasting friendships for companionship can be a good basis for union.
  • Gay marriage as a parenting model. Many people believe that children will not be raised well by two mothers or two fathers. The premise is that children should be raised by one father and one mother so that their mental and emotional capacities will not be compromised. Nevertheless, divorces have given children many different parents as well. There are many cases of single parents whose parenting is not questioned as much as gay marriage parenting is.Gay marriage topics for essays like this should discuss the value of single parenting, multiple parenting and same-sex parenting models. Children can be raised in a healthy environment when they are loved, accepted, provided for and protected. It doesn’t matter if they have one parent, two sets of parents or parents of the same gender.
  • Gay marriage will weaken the marriage institution. Divorce rates are increasing everyday and gay marriages are not to blame for the failure of straight marriages. The argument, however, is that if gay marriages will be legalized then proponents of polygamous marriages will feel empowered to rally their cause. Now this can definitely cause the decline of the marriage institution.

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At Wayne State University, he earned his Master’s in Social Work (MSW), then a Master’s (MA) in Psychology, and has received his Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Clinical Sexology from the American Academy of Clinical Sexologists (AACS).Dr. Kort provides trainings and lectures around the world. Dr. Kort is the author of three books on gay identity and relationships.