Ideas for Gay Marriage Essay Writing: Pros and Cons of Homosexual Unions

Since gay marriage is a controversial legal and societal issue, it is good to weigh the pros and cons when you are getting ideas for gay marriage essay writing. Many people find the concept of homosexual marriage acceptable and gay marriage is nothing new. But it is not constitutional in many states and gay couples suffer from prejudice.

In some countries, however, even if same-sex marriage is still not legal, getting a civil union is permitted. This means that homosexual couples can enjoy the privileges and benefits of the union even without the religious ceremony.

Perceptions and beliefs on same-sex marriages vary. Following is a list of from which you can get ideas for gay marriage essay writing:


  1. Inhibiting gay marriage is a violation of human rights.
  2. Gay marriage does not cause harm to society.
  3. Everyone deserves respect and equality, regardless of sexual orientation.
  4. Marriage is a civil right that belongs to everyone, regardless of sexual orientation.
  5. Marriage is for people who are in love and chose to be with each other, no exceptions.
  6. The government, and in some instances, the church, cannot regulate people’s decision to marry.
  7. Society should not dictate personal commitments of people.
  8. Marriage is about a legal contract between two people in love.
  9. Marriage provides many physical and psychological benefits
  10. Marriage encourages strong family values regardless of whether the couple is straight or gay.
  11. Marriage enhances the quality of living between couples.
  12. Marriage improves people’s commitment to family and social responsibilities making society more stable.
  13. Gay marriage can increase the chances for child adoption.


  1. Gay marriage is a direct contradiction on the (religious) tradition of marriage
  2. Gay marriage is a violation of the sanctity or sacredness of the union.
  3. The government will have to make protection programs and benefits programs for gay couples.
  4. The government will have increased expenses for social welfare as well as law enforcement.
  5. If gay marriage will be legalized, then it can be abused by many people. (In this case, people will get married only to avail of government subsidies such as tax breaks, social welfare allowances, medical benefits, and the likes.)

There are many ideas for gay marriage essay writing and you can start your assignment by taking a stand.